About Biolia

Origin of the name Biolia

We were looking for a name transmitting our passion, our principles, and at the same time reflecting the purpose of the company. And we came up with Biolia.


implies leaving organisms, natural ecosystems, the flora and fauna, ecologic and natural systems, without chemical additives pesticides or fertilizers, unprocessed, and healthy. Biolia shares a special devotion for healthy food, healthy lifestyles, and healthy consumption patterns.


means healer in Irish etymology. 

Our motivation

Global food production and consumption accounts for one third of environmental impacts. In addition, about half of these food-related environmental impacts are due to animal products.

As developing countries climb out of poverty, diets become more calorie- and protein rich, and consumption of animal products grows.

Since consuming meat and dairy products is less efficient and more environmentally damaging than a plant-based diet, the overall environmental impacts associated to global food intake will dramatically increase unless we react.

It is essential to pursue efforts to decrease the growth in unnecessary demand for food, improve our consumption and production patterns, and promote sustainable development

We need to reduce food waste as it accounts for about one third of total food production for human consumption.

Therefore, we need to ensure environmentally and health-friendly production, processing and service methods. Independent environmental certifications act in this sense in order to avoid greenwashing in particular.

Et telle est notre mission :

Améliorer les chaînes d’approvisionnemen

Improving supply chains and operating processes in the food sector.

Réduire les émissions dans l’atmosphère

Reduce emissions into the atmosphere and discharges into water and soils.

Participer à des projets de compensation

Participate in compensation projects to recover damaged ecosystems and ensure sustainable local development.

Promouvoir la durabilité au moyen de stratégies de communication et de marketing.

Promote sustainability through communication and marketing strategies.

Our partners