Biolia allows you to evaluate, define and achieve your sustainability goals.

  • Biolia helps organizations and companies in the food and HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant and Catering and Coffee sectors) to improve their ecological footprint while reducing their operating costs.
  • We work with private companies, public institutions, farmers, manufacturers, retailers, restaurants and hotels.

Your profits.
With Biolia you can:

  • Reduce your operational consumption needs and costs while improving your supply chains and operations processes through our customised audits, research and consulting services.
  • Reduce your emissions into air, water and soils implementing our customized solutions.
  • Support sustainable development while compensating your emissions, through long-term educational and ecological restoration projects.
  • Implement existing and upcoming environmental regulations.
  • Make informed decisions.
  • Improve your products and services through environmental performance indicators.
  • Improve your ecological and social footprint and promote environmental protection.

Biolia accompanies you in your sustainable certification project.

  • We coach you before and during a green certification process, from the application stage, to the acquisition phase.
  • We help you choose the label that fits your business or product among existing and recognised labels in the market.
  • We support you in the implementation of the standards, preparing the necessary documentation.
  • We coordinate the independent third party verification, and define the non-conformities resolving actions.

Doing it well and making it known.
We support you in defining your communication strategy to make your successes known.

  • We quantify and communicate your environmental impacts through environmental performance indicators.
  • We develop online marketing and social network strategies through web positioning, web design, web content writing, Facebook and Linked-in management, according to your environmental and sustainability policies.
  • We define and communicate your sustainability policy through the company’s website, brochures and annual/quarterly reports.