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  • We apply worldwide-recognised databases, software and scientific methodologies to perform environmental impacts assessments.

  • We follow the ENVIFOOD Protocol, the international protocol for assessing and communicating any and all environmental impacts associated with food and drink products.

  • We provide information in an easily understandable and comparable manner so as to support informed choice.

  • We share a special devotion for healthy food, healthy life styles, environmental protection, sustainable development, sustainable consumption and production patterns.

  • We only work with Ecolabels certified by independent third party bodies.

  • We help you reduce your environmental impacts, certify your environmental performance, and show that you are the example to follow.

BIOLIA helps organizations within the food and HoReCa (Hotels, Restaurants and Cafeterias) sectors to improve their ecological footprint, while reducing their operational costs, and communicating their achievements through environmental labels.

We are committed to assessing and achieving your sustainability goals.

BIOLIA supports you in the definition and implementation of actions that will benefit your business, integrating environmental and economic assessments, and combining social and political contexts. We serve private companies, public institutions, farmers, manufacturers, retailers, restaurants and hotels.

With BIOLIA you can:

  • Reduce your operational consumption needs and costs while improving your supply chains and operations processes through our customised audits, research and consulting services
  • Reduce your emissions into air, water and soils implementing our customized solutions
  • Support sustainable development while compensating your emissions, through long-term educational and ecological restoration projects
  • Implement existing and upcoming environmental regulations
  • Make informed decisions
  • Improve your products and services through environmental performance indicators
  • Improve your social welfare, ecological footprint and promote environmental protection

BIOLIA offers certification of green products or services:

  • We coach you before and during a green certification process, from the application stage, to the acquisition phase
  • We help you choose the label that fits your business or product among existing and recognised labels in the market
  • We support you in the implementation of the standards, preparing the necessary documentation
  • We coordinate the independent third party verification, and define the non-conformities resolving actions

BIOLIA defines and develops communication strategies to publish your achievements:

  • We quantify and communicate your environmental impacts through environmental performance indicators
  • We develop online marketing and social network strategies through web positioning, web design, web content writing, Facebook and Linked-in management, according to your environmental and sustainability policies
  • We define and communicate your sustainability policy through the company’s website, brochures and annual/quarterly reports